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ASN Expert Group, Russian Chamber of Construction Expert Witnesses and the Czech Chamber of Judicial  Experts
with the support of  Organisation for European Expert Associations EuroExpert  invite to the


Construction and real estate: expertise and appraisal

Software solutions for construction experts


to be held

30 November – 01 December 2017

in Prague

The Conference

This Conference is held since 2003 annually in Prague, Czech Republic. Today this Conference is the only one international expert meeting in the world, devoted to expertise in construction and mostly judicial expertise in construction, which is held on regular basis. During past 14th conference meetings the Conference welcomed the participants from more than 50 countries. The participation in the Conference will be a great opportunity for professionals to take part in an outstanding event and to share knowledge and new directions in construction expertise and real estate appraisal.


The Keynote of the 15th Conference is New Challenges for Construction Experts. During the Symposium the participants will be presented with new software solutions which can be used efficiently by construction experts.


The conference is intended for practicing experts in the field of construction and real estate appraisal, practicing lawyers, arbitrators, mediators, corporate counsel, academics and professionals interested in and/or involved in construction expertise and arbitration.

Conference Topics

  1. Construction expertise and appraisal Best Practice and Standards. New methods in construction expertise.

  2. The use of construction experts – practice, procedures and problems. National/Regional Code of Practice for Experts. Remuneration of Experts.

  3. Claim, cost, defects and delays analysis and mitigation. Forensic engineering and investigations in construction.

  4. Expertise as a vital tool of effective dispute resolution in construction. The role of experts in different processes – Negotiation, Mediation,
    Adjudication and Litigation. New opportunities for experts within ADR. Expert as an arbitrator in construction disputes.

  5. Construction expertise legislation - present and future. International and national registers of judicial experts.
    The harmonization of the national lists of judicial experts in EU. The list of European experts.

  6. Professional expert associations in construction expertise. Qualification, education, training, certification and accreditation of experts.

Conference Programme

30 November 2017 (Thursday)

Registration, opening, Conference keynote presentations.


01 December 2017 (Friday)

Symposium and discussions, closing, cocktail reception.


02 December 2017 (Saturday)

One-day trip to Germany.

Conference languages

English, Czech, Russian

Invitation & Information


Conference Fees

Registration fee for Conference and Symposium – 200 €

This rate includes attendance at the conference and symposium, documentation, lunch and cocktail reception.


One-day trip to Germany – 100 €

This rate includes guided round bus trip to Dresden,
City center guided walking tour (app. 1 hour), networking.


Special reduced fees are applied,
please contact Organising committee.


Each person who wants to attend the conference should register and pay the conference fee. Payments can be made by bank transfer or in cash on site – please indicate in registration form. Participation fees are transferred to the account, given in the notification email, sent to the participant by the organising committee after receiving a registration form. One registration form per delegate is required. Registration will only be confirmed once the registration payment has been received and cleared. Please e-mail the proof of payment to Organising committee. Registrations received less than a 14 days before the conference date can only be paid by cash on site.

Cancellations and substitutions must be made in writing. No refund can be made for cancellations received after 1 November 2017. However, you can send a substitute delegate at any time. Non-attendance at the event will be considered as a late cancellation and the full fee will be payable. It may be necessary for reasons beyond the control of the organisers to alter the content and the timing of the programme or the identity of the speakers. In the event that the conference has to be cancelled you will be entitled to a full refund of your delegate fees. The Organisers will not be responsible for the reimbursement of any other costs incurred by potential delegates.

Registration form


Supported by

Official Partners

Organising & Scientific Committee

Ing. Sergey Zakharov, CSc.


ASN Expert Group,
Senior Partner.

Co-Chairman of the Conference.

Ing. Jindřich
Kratěna, CSc.


EuroExpert, Member of Council.

Co-Chairman of the Conference.

Ing. Vladimír


Czech Chamber of Judicial Experts, Chairman of the Board.

Co-Chairman of the Conference.

Ing.  Melita Bestvina,, REV


President of the Croatian Association of Court Expert Witnesses and Valuers.

Béatrice Deshayes


European Expertise
& Expert Institute (France),

Co-president of the Executive Committee.

Ing. Sergey Dolzhnikov, MRICS





Russian Chamber
of construction expert witnesses, Managing Director.

Lyubomir Gerdzhikov


Bulgarian Association
for expertise, financial-economic
and technical analyses «SEFITA»,

member of the Board.

Ing. Miloslav Ilavsky, Ph.D.


Slovak Chamber of Asset Valuers
and Experts, President.

Ing. Vladimír
Kulil, Ph.D.


Technical University of Ostrava, Institute of property valuation, CEO.

Vladimir Malakhov,


National Association of Construction Engineering Consultants (NACEC), Executive Director.

Juraj Nagy, Ph.D.


Institute of Economics and
Civil Engineering (Bratislava), Director.

Doc. Ing.
Tamara Narezhnaya,


Moscow State University
of Civil Engineering.

Doc. Ing.
Milan Nič, Ph.D.


Slovak Chamber of Civil Engineers.

Petr Ort, Ph.D.


College of Banking (Prague).

Ing. Sanja
Radovic, M.Sc.


President of the Institute
of Certified Valuers of Montenegro.

Mag., Dr.
Gerhard Schuster


Sustain Consulting GmbH, CEO




Czech Chamber of Judicial Experts


Sokolov, CSc.


The Head of the non state
expertise institution,
Managing Partner of the expert company CALEKS,
RF Ministry of culture state expert.



ASN Expert Group, President.

Zsolt Turán


Hungarian Chamber
of judicial experts

Judicial expert for construction
and real estates.

The Venue

Location: Thákurova str. 1, Praha 6.

Czech Technical University in Prague, "Masarykova kolej"


Metro A, station Dejvická, (walking distance from metro 5 minutes).


Registration & information


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